Doctor Of The Day

February 7th, 2024

Florida senate chamber picture

On Wednesday February 7th Dr. Vania Fernandez had the privilege of serving as Doctor of the Day in Tallahassee, Florida!
Sponsored by Representative Vicki Lopez, he had the honor of being acknowledged on the House floor and engaging with legislators on crucial healthcare issues.
The Doctor of the Day program, established by former Florida House member Representative Walter Sackett, MD, provides a unique opportunity to volunteer at the Legislative Clinic, participate in committee meetings, and witness legislative sessions firsthand.
Throughout the day, she treated patients in the clinic and observed committees discussing vital topics like CPR certification for high school coaches.
She met with esteemed representatives like Rep Garrison, Rep Perez, and Rep Alina Garcia, discussing our much-anticipated OLOGIST bill (SB 1112). The debate surrounding Optometric Physicians’ title usage underscores the importance of legislative engagement.


Dr . Vania Fernandez

Dr. V Fernandez

“It’s inspiring to see passionate individuals shaping policies that impact Floridians’ lives.” – Dr. Vania Fernandez

Despite challenges, serving as Doctor of the Day reaffirms the significance of healthcare advocacy.
Join me in embracing this opportunity during the upcoming legislative sessions.
Let’s make a difference together!




Representative Vicki Lopez and Dr. Vania Fernandez

Representative Vicki Lopez and
Dr. Vania Fernandez