Endorsement for Stephen Pyles for State Representative seat 24

By February 10, 2023Member News

February 9th 2023

Subject: Endorsement for Stephen Pyles  for State Representative seat 24

As a healthcare professional, Doctor Pyles  brings a unique and valuable perspective to the political arena. His years of experience caring for patients and advocating for better health outcomes have equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our community.

Many of us have had the privilege of knowing and working with Doctor Pyles for many years and he has always impressed us  by his compassion, intelligence, and commitment to improving the lives of those around him. He has a deep understanding of the challenges facing our healthcare system and we are  confident that he will be an effective advocate for the needs of our community.

In addition to his expertise in healthcare, Doctor’ Pyles s a person of the highest integrity and character. He has a strong moral compass and a deep commitment to serving the public. We are  confident that he will bring that same level of dedication and commitment to the House of Representatives if elected.

We strongly encourage you to support Doctor Pyles in his  campaign for State Representative. His unique background and perspective makes him  the ideal candidate for the job and we are  confident that he  will be a strong and effective leader for our community.


if you would like to donate to his campaign. https://votepyles.com/