PAC (FSIPP) Brief Summary of Legislators Function

By January 20, 2023Member News

Good Morning Colleagues,

I wanted to send you a brief summary of the Legislators function we sponsored.

As you know, I went to Tallahassee on Tuesday to attend the Freshman Representatives event at Jon Johnson’s home. It was a very well attended event. In attendance were Sam Garrison and Danny Perez, both future Speakers of the House whom I had met at the SOHO event last year. There were obviously other clients of the J&B Firm in attendance as well. We were all acknowledged to the group by Jon. I reconnected with the FSA President, Brence Sell and FSA Legislative Chair Paul Anderson. I spoke to numerous Legislators, primarily freshmen, alongside our Anesthesiologist colleagues and on my own. I spoke about FSIPP, our role in the Pill Mill laws and our ability to serve as a resource to the legislators with regard to healthcare issues. I was able to express some of our concerns with regard to prior authorizations, medicare payment cuts and scope of practice issues to name a few. Overall they were very receptive and knowledgeable with regard to the issues we discussed. I exchanged numbers and gave out my cell should they have any questions. In particular, I spoke with several representatives on Healthcare committees, such as Alina Garcia, Rachel Plakon and Jessica Baker. I spoke with Doug Bankson, Fabian Basabe, Susan Plasencia, and others. I think Julio’s Rep, Taylor, sent him a picture of us together. I also reconnected with Dr. Amy Derick, the newly appointed Dermatologist on the Florida Board of Medicine. Thank you, Miguel, for your guidance and example. I think it is so very important for us to make and foster these relationships so that our voices can be heard. Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can see all of the Representatives with this link and check out your own:

Regards and Happy Weekend,