Potentially Irreversible Lung Damage

By February 1, 2021November 3rd, 2022Covid-19 News, Member News - Homepage Featured
A study published in Radiology this week reported that 35% of patients who had recovered from severe COVID-19 showed .
There has been plenty of criticism about how long it is taking to get vaccine in arms. Click this to see a good explanation of the difficulties standing up mass vaccination clinics. And, what does happen after the mRNA vaccine is injected in your arm? Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are being given i.m., so if you’d like to know what parts of your body are producing the coronavirus spike protein antigen, the answer seems to be the muscle tissue at the site of injection, the lymphatic tissue downstream in your armpit on that side, your spleen, and (for the first day or two) your liver. The bulk of the Spike that you’re going to make is probably made in the first two or three days, anyway, from what has been seen from the animal models.