Update on Covid-19 Tests

By December 31, 2020November 3rd, 2022Covid-19 News, Member News - Homepage Featured

As the pandemic has killed 1.8 million people worldwide (with 82 million being infected) and has caused trillions in economic damage, the year has been also a remarkable year for scientific advancement and human resilience. Never has there been a time where more progress has been made on any disease in a year than the world did on the coronavirus this year. Before this year, vaccine development usually took between 10-15 years to develop and test. Today, there have been several vaccines produced and distributed in less than a year with more on the way. The way we test has also evolved quickly this year – from PCR testing to rapid testing. Most recently, the FDA approved the first at-home test (Ellume Home Test) that uses a nasal swab, but doesn’t go as far back in the nose, which will be a better, more efficient means of testing, because people won’t have to wait for labs to process samples. The test is authorized for individuals two years of age or older, including those not showing symptoms. The list of innovations goes on and on…from 3D printing to produce respiratory ventilators to using artificial intelligence to determine if you have been exposed to somebody who may have been identified as a carrier. All innovations equally impressive paired with the exceptional and compassionate dedication of our healthcare caregivers and front-line workers.